We can support uprisings, just not American ones

February 1, 2011 § Leave a comment

The popular uprising in Egypt is being universally supported by the American main stream media.  Without any real knowledge of the aims of the protesters, and protest organizers, or the leadership of various groups that are taking part in the protests, the American media is in love with the Egyptian malcontents.

There’s another loose coalition of anti-government protesters that the media doesn’t understand well that hasn’t been given the same deference as the Egyptian protesters by the U. S. media:  The Tea Party.  Unlike foreign anti-government movements, the Tea Party was never accepted and encouraged by the main-stream American media.  Why not?

It’s pretty simple, really:  ElBaradei is the unofficial leader of the Egyptian protesters, and he is a liberal.  The September 16th movement, another of the organizations that are behind the uprising, started as a liberal worker’s rights movement.  This is a liberal movement, at heart, and America’s liberal media can respect that.  What they can’t respect is a populist, home grown, conservative movement.


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