State of the Union

January 26, 2011 § Leave a comment

In 49 minutes, State of the Union 2011 gets underway.  I’m interested to see what Obama has to say (I’ll be blogging it in real time), here’s what I’m expecting:

  • Jobs:  laser-like focus.
  • Civility:  We need it.
  • Health Care Reform:  We should keep it.
  • Trade:  Our partners should do it more fairly.
  • Hope:  It’s a good thing.
  • Change:  He didn’t mean a change from Democratic to Republican control.
  • GM:  Obama saved it.

Here’s what I suspect we won’t hear (but we should):

  • The real unemployment rate is at least 30% higher (that’s not 30 percentage points…don’t freak out) higher than the government reports.  It’s probably 100% higher.
  • China is outgrowing us by 300%
  • Green energy is not creating jobs, regardless of public investment.
  • America makes up a shamefully small portion of investment in nano-technology.
  • Ford made the tough decisions to go it alone and shun bail-out money, and it’s enjoying more market success (and building better cars) than GM, and pretty much anybody else in its class.

This is better than the Super Bowl to me.  I can’t wait.  See you in a half hour!


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